08 September 2010

Wayne Rooney tracked by Real Madrid!

Rooney to join Ronaldo in Real Madrid?
Real Madrid are reportedly planning to bid for Wayne Rooney in the January transfer window to end his misery with the media in the UK.

The Sun has commented that the 24-year-old has grown tired of the press attention he receives in England, in the wake of recent allegations regarding his relationship with a prostitute, and also previous photographs of Rooney smoking and drinking heavily.

Once Everton Boy
The Everton boy has now less than 18 months of contract with United and with Sir Alex planning to have a go at him once he returns to training, tough days are looming ahead for Rooney

If a deal could be struck where Benzema could be offloaded and the enigmatic attacker added in a cash-plus-player deal, Mourinho may see this as a dream solution.

Meanwhile, Rooney's captaincy dreams may have shattered as Sir Alex was very unpleased by the cheap behaviour from the English striker.

Next up is Everton and Wayne Rooney has been the favourite to score. This would ensure that he leaves his personal life out of the stadium and doesn't let him disturb him like he did in Switzerland. Everton, Rooney's first club and home town, would not be very welcoming to Rooney obviously especially after the alleged scandal. They would certainly boo Rooney and he has to tolerate those boos and score goals - AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

One thing is for sure: Rooney's future at Manchester United lies in his performance and not his off-field allegations and scandals. But he should be a role model for his fans, not a third grade drunk person!
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