17 September 2010

Now that Antonio Valencia is injured till February, would Bebe fill the void? VIDEO will tell why he will!

Bebe: Earlier and NOW (on RIght) Plenty has changed over a few weeks and Bebe looks a tough man.. He scored against Macedonia U-21 with Portugal U-21 and had a fine time with the Reserves team yesterday.

It was a tough start to Bebe's career with the Manchester United's reserve team last night against Aston Villa as the game ended in a dissapointing defeat.


Bebe's reserves Debut against Aston Villa, Match Highlights, 4-1 defeat.

The £7m signing from Portugal played the whole game in a devastating 4-1 defeat against a strong team in the reserves academy. I judged him inside out, he looks terrific but not quite ready for the first team yet. He was a nightmare for the defenders, crossing the ball really superbly.

Gabriel Obertan played on the other wing and Bebe on the right wing - typical Antonio Valencia position or would say Sir Ryan Gigg's spot! He was really awesome with his feet, was able to confuse the defenders very elegantly. I loved the dribbling - simply awesome.

The energy he showed in his crosses was fabulous, the only one thing I am worried about at the moment is the shot accuracy and his stamina. Hope he lives upto his hype. Other than that, a fine possessor of the football, he really owns the skills of a famous footballer - the style.

I reckon he will fill in the void of Antonio Valencia easily, if he keeps doing it till the end of the season for United, he may as well be considered Manchester United's another Cristiano Ronaldo. They are both Portugese after all! I don't know how Portugese are taught football in their country but I sincerely love it. First ronaldo, then Nani and now Bebe? Will United find a great player in him after giving him chances in the upcoming games? Time will tell... But here at TheReDevilSpot, we wish the lad all the best, hope he makes the most of his limited chances at Old Trafford and at the same time impress millions of Manchester United fans and Manchester United haters.

I'd like to rate his performance a nice 8/10 for the Thursday night. Let's hope he keeps on delivering it.

The Portugese who once had a dreadlock had to suffer a warning from Sir Alex over the allowed haircuts at Old Trafford, mind you Sir Alex is pretty damn strict over the player's dressing sense and hair cuts. Bebe recently scored against Macedonia U-21, by a rather fluke goal. The ball literally went in between the legs of the goalie from outside the penalty box

The lad has had an extra-ordinary footballing time in Portugal but living on streets has hit him like anything..

Now that he's at Old Trafford, he's at the theatre of dreams! The portugese has every opportunity to become someone everyone would know. He can now his dream - to become a rocking footballer. 

Now that the Ecuadorean - Antonio Valencia is injured till February 2010 (Manchester United confirmed today), Sir Alex will obviously look for other players to fill the void. The options he would have are 1) Gabriel Obertan 2) Cleverley (when he comes back from Newcastle United) 3) Nani 4) Park 5) Giggs - he can move around..  But in my opinion Obertan and Bebe are supposed to fill the void.

The portugese would not be offered this place easily. He has to show he is fit, has the right state of  mind and most importantly has the stamina to stay on for 90 minutes!
Yo, I will sort out my dreadlock but can you hear me Sir Alex?

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