22 September 2010

Van Der Sar's incredible form can be damaging for Red Devils!

The Dutch and the Pole don't get along very well, sad for United. Keeper crisis!
The cold war between Netherland's Van Der Sar and Polish keeper Tomasz Kuszczak can be very damaging for United. Both do not get along very well which may well result in Tomasz hanging his boots early next year!

Like Ben Foster went to Birmingham city, Tomasz may well go to some other club where he gets the respect and gets to keep often. Things are not going his way at Manchester United - Van Der Sar is preferred  to Tomasz in any big game which leaves the Pole to keep in least important games like tonight's clash with Scunthorpe United.

His exit would mean Keeper crisis at United!
Tomasz is obviously frustrated : it's completely justice. He's been frustrated even more with Van Der Sar showing him the cold shoulder every now and then whenever the Pole asks him for help. Some people compare him to a Pole Pig, it is just ridiculous how they treat mere talent in the Polish international.

He definitely deserves more caps, Tomasz has been around Old Trafford for 6 years and made only 52 privileged appearances; majority at away tricky games. Surprisingly enough, Tomasz has performed beyond great = He's an excellent keeper. Fergie just needs to unleash him more.

Carling cup always is a big platform to pay tribute to the young guns in a club - they are the future asset of United. Hope Sir Alex relies on the 28 year old Pole, clearly he's not young any more but Sir Alex needs to unleash him MORE..

Bring it on Sir Alex!!! and trust the Pole!!

Glory Glory

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