16 September 2010

Guess who is up for the post of Manager at Old Trafford?

Sir Alex Ferguson has strongly disapproved any attempt by the Football Association of Wales to approach Ryan Giggs into taking over from John Toshack as the National Team Manager.

Giggs was echoed as the favorite for the job, ever since the departure of Toshack was still a rumour!
But the question arises why is Ferguson blocking these attempts ?

And the answer is quite clear, HE WANTS GIGGS TO BE THE NEXT MANAGER!

Last season there were high speculations that Jose Mourinho would be the next manager due toh his healthy relations with Sir Alex and his high rate of success, but Mourinho's frequency of shifting clubs didn't sound good to Fergie.

Moreover Ryan Giggs has given his whole life, sparkling with a bright career to the Red Devils. Therefore he stands with a bright chance of becoming the manager of his beloved team!

What do you fans out there think about it?
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