05 September 2010

Mirror.co.uk: Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife.

It's shocking to see so many players cheating on their other halves these days namely John Terry (The ex England and present Chelsea captain), Ashley Cole (Chelsea and England left back). Last Year, even Tiger Woods admitted that he had been seing prostitutes.

Apparently, as Mirror.co.uk writes, Wayne Rooney has joined Cole, Terry and Woods in cheating on his wife after it was revealed that Rooney slept with a £1k a night prostitute 7 times in the same hotel in Manchester.

EDITED: Daily Mail also writes about this cheating, says Wayne admits about this non-maritial affair!

This happened while Coleen Rooney was pregnant last year with their first son Kai. According to the source, Wayne last slept with the hooker in October.

Can these reports be true? Every one knows that Mirror.co.uk is famous for "trying-to-seek-attention" news. But if this one is true by any chance, then it means big trouble for the English and Manchester United striker. He is already under a lot of pressure and scrutiny, thanks to the tabloid allegations.

Recently, Rooney finally found the net from the penalty spot against West Ham ending his 5 month goal drought. Prior to this he failed to shine at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Is this the reason why he failed? Is this the reason why he's losing his hair over the months?

England play Switzerland tomorrow, it would be interesting to know if Rooney is picked or not!

Well for that, we'll have to wait and watch. TheReDevilSpot will keep you updated about the latest news on this issue.
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