30 March 2015

Saving Private Chicharito

It's time to get the Mexican poacher back!
As we approach the business end of the season, there is a sense of curiosity to finish at the very top most position. With 8 games in hand and a gap of just two points between the team placed at 2nd spot ( Man City ) and themselves, United has a really unique opportunity to close the gap on the arch rivals.

So what's missing in their piece of success?

The hint might be in the main picture of this blog post. Manchester United needs poachers. This is a rare breed of footballers who are very skilled to score on their first attempt

United are yet to play big teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. A win against each of these three times might change fortunes for everyone remotely involved with Manchester United - the three times European Champions.

An analysis of our current strikers suggests that we lack one of those mean headed strikers who just scores from any given opportunity.

For example:

"My situation is frustrating. I participate, give my all in training but, as far as for playing in matches, the opportunities are minimal. I belong to a team, but am not part of the important bit, the actual games," the striker told Fox Sports .

"Sometimes my confidence is right down on the ground, even though I am trying for it to be up there, with the help of the people who are always at my side and who support me.
"The most important thing is to get chances and to feel that they believe in you. Whenever they have entrusted me to do something it comes out positively, but I've been through two rather frustrating years.
"There need to be people who believe in me, so I can at least prove if I am any good or not."

Letting the Almighty decide this special kid's destiny!
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