11 September 2010

Match 4: Rooney-less United draws disastrously at Everton (Video)

Everton vs Manchester United
12.45 BST KO 7.45 ET
Goodison Park
Full time Score Manchester United 3-3 Everton

Everton sneaks in a close draw, surely this would pinch the Red Devils
Pienar draws first blood for Everton
Goal scorer Fletch holds back Pienar

Evra in action

Neville displayed a fine defending performance on his come back

Nani being checked by the physio after the clash with Pienar
Garry Neville heads the ball as John O'Shea looks on

Vidic scores the second goal for United

Berbatov makes it 3-1, his 4th goal of the season so far!

One would have thought, United has won the game with an emphatic score of 3-1 at the end of 90 minutes. But no, with Everton involved anything is possible. Everton came from back and scored two delightful goals (pinching from United perpective) from headers by Aussi Tim Cahill and Arteta..

Pienar scored the first goal for Everton 39 minutes after KO. It only took 4 minutes for Fletcher to equalise from a lovely cross by Nani. Vidic then doubled the lead by scoring from a header 2 minutes in the second half. Scholes produced a lovely ball to Dimitar Berbatov who made it 3-1..
The game wasn't over yet.

Everton came from behind and scored two lovely goals to make it 3-3.

David Moyes was fuming at the referee once he blew the whistle at the 93rd minute. He had a valid point, it should have been more extra time as two goals had been scored after 90 minutes.

Anyhow, poor away form continues for United who drew at Fulham in a similar manner. Last minute goals have been a big omen for United away from home so far this.

Match Highlights

Everton v Manchester United
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