22 September 2010

Carling Cup: Red Devils' Reserves team win 5-2 against the Irons

FT: Scunthorpe United 2-5 Manchester United
Mere Class, MO scored 2 goals against Scunthorpe United

Scunthorpe United Wright 19', Woolford 90+1
Manchester United Gibson 23' Smalling 35' Park 54' Owen 49',71'

United team saw a complete change from who featured at Old Trafford against Liverpool and it all worked out well as they demolished the Lincolnshire team 5 goals to 2 as they march on to 4th round of Carling Cup.

Way to Go: Hard-working Korean scores as Scunthorpe United defence shatters into pieces by lustrous United Attack

Tomasz Kuszczak was in goal for the 53rd time in his career with United and conceded 2 goals which were extremely tough to save. On the other hand, he saved plenty of goals - about 7-8 Scunthorpe strikes. The Iron strikers took the Pole on granted by shooting goals from a long range. Tomasz had his worst moment when he saved a shot from Foyt and the ball nearly spun into the goal while Kuscczak was relatively relaxed and taking his time! Boy that goal would have meant some serious trouble for the Pole in terms of getting into the starting 11.

Park and Smalling make Love
Rio Ferdinand struggled slightly.
It was a fine display work, one would like to see such a defence every day. One must admit, Smalling did a great job. His defending was clear cut and he made good saves for United.

Makes a clearance.
Sir Alex notoriously handed over the manager role to Mike Phelan just for the day as he flew to Spain to see Valencia FC in play. He does it very often. His visit to Spain meant he missed the chance to see Bebe in action. I guess this is the reason why this had been a famous trending topic on twitter. Anyhow, Mike Phelan did a great job.

Ferdinand looked knackered. His performance was under-average and he better pump it up after his injury. This kind of performance will eventually force him to quite United

Michael Owen - Like no other in England!
Michael Owen deserved to be the Man of the Match, he helped his team get past their opponents in a fine fashion. He wasn't always up front, his role was to uphold the midfield and go forward once there was an opportunity.

There were 3 extra minutes to the game thanks to the unwanted guest - the "Streaker" as he caused a funny commotion amongst the Scunny fans. Having a streaker in the game is an old ritual in English football in which a player from the crowd steps into the field illegally appearing naked and runs along the ground. Referee Mike Dean was in a serious mood whereas others including both team's managers (Mike Phelan was over the moon, with Van Der Sar having fun too). Streaker generally comes if a top seeded team visits a low graded team and the high seeded time is dominating / winning. In this case, the winning team was no other than Manchester United! They really deserved to win the game.

Player Ratings
Kuszczak - 8 - Looked very nervy in the beginning but had his moment in the 90th minute by making a fine save.
Ferdinand -6 - Acted as a grand Daddy, barely moved and shouted
Smalling - 7 - Impressive commander
Rafael or was it Fabio? Anyway - 7 - good attacking display and accurate defending
Brown - 6.5 - Fine  display
Park - 7.5 - had a tough first half, worked hard in 2nd half and scored a goal!
Gibson - 7 - excellent chip goal, gave united sturdiness
Anderson - 6.5 - just about right
Macheda - 6.5 - OK
Chicharito - 6 - too many off-sides
*Michael Owen* - 8.5 - Star of the night with 2 delightful goals

Bebe gearing up for his debut
Bebe - 7 - impressive running, good dribbling display and good control over the ball. Should avoid stupid crosses

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