22 September 2010

Carling Cup Preview: Scunthorpe United vs Manchester United (22/09/2010)

The Road to Carling Cup GLORY begins!
The road to February, Wembley Stadium, an occasion when United may lift the Carling Cup trophy for the third successive time is inching nearer as United see Scunthorpe United tomorrow.

Scunthorpe United, notoriously  known as the Irons, will look to hammer United at their home in Lincolnshire. United must be on their guard!

Scunthorpe United has its ups and downs (not as much as Munich crash but I guess more of unstability). 

Scunthorpe United vs Manchester United seems like an easy fixture for the Red Devils but these away fixtures always hold surprise for United. Everyone remembers what happened at Burnley, United will never try to let that happen again. One thing they should learn is - Never trust the weakness of your opponent. For this reason, it is believed Sir Alex will start with a reasonably good team for this exciting fixture. 

So the Irons vs Red Devils takes place at the Glanford Park, Scunthorpe with a maximum capacity of a shocking 9,088 people. VERY WEAK indeed! The Championship either don't want to entertain their visitors or they never expect to - they don't have money? 

Manchester United build up ahead of this game
Paul Scholes desperately wants the third successive Carling Cup trophy next year. Nani looks in fine touch. Frenchman Patrice Evra has spoken of his emotions ahead of the fixture. Darren Fletcher and Anderson are set to start. Bebe is all-ready to be tested (more on that later in the post). Michael Owen WILL start his first game of the season on the pitch against Scunthorpe United. The other striker maybe either Macheda or Owen on his own which is highly unlikely.
Manchester United team News
Tomasz Kuszczak will be in goal
Patrice Evra - left back
Vidic/Rio and Johny Evans taking the central defence
Fabio/Rafael - you can hardly tell the difference!
Bebe - He will score
Obertan - He will provide assists
Michael Owen - Will score
Javier Hernandez "Chicharito" will partner Michael Owen

Important Fixture for Bebe, he knows it

For those of you who had thought that latest Portugese player addition to United (July 2010) might flop so badly at United that he will lose himself, may get the reality check about the Portugese soon enough.
£7.4 million investment is all set to be tried and tested tomorrow against a team which will get famous after getting badly defeated tomorrow. Who has heard about Scunthorpe? Have you? Ask yourself this question and respond. This is the very reason why Sir Alex doesn't mind having a gamble at the player. Bebe recently scored with U-21 Portugal with U-21 Macedonia - so he looks to be on a mission tomorrow. He must remember that he needs to pass the ball around and make "accurate" crosses. This will ensure that a good service is given to Michael Owen. 

"I am going to be a brilliant player for Manchester United," he said. "After a couple more games I will be better. I have to be fitter because it's a different type of football in England."

"I don't know when I will be ready for the first team. I need to work hard and a lot depends on the boss whether he calls me into the team or not.
"Sir Alex has told me he is very happy with me and he wants me to train more and get into the first team."
Bébé also said that United's Portuguese and Brazilian players were helping him acclimatise to life in England.
"I am very happy to be at Old Trafford but the big thing is to work hard so I can play. I have settled in very well with the team but I need to work hard to move up to the first team. I can play on both sides, on the left and the right. It doesn't make any difference which side.
"It was a big surprise for me and for everyone when Manchester United signed me.
"It helps a lot having other players that speak Portuguese – Rafael, Fabio, Nani and Anderson are all my friends. Nani and Anderson help me the most.
"They help me because they speak Portuguese and they have come from abroad and they can help me to help the team."
United on a mission
The moment it was known that Scunthorpe United is the Red Devil's opponent, Sir Alex was given an opportunity to rest his horses. Although it is a strong feeling that Berba and Nani would be on the bench, however, United must have its faith on its junior players - the foundation!
Hence Carling Cup is like a mission for all the youth players.

Glory Glory Man United, may Captain Vidic be a great defender against Scunthorpe United, hope he chops away the Iron attack in slices! Go on Serbia!!!

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