22 September 2010

What's Eating Sir Alex ?

Can you Spot the difference?

Sir Alex is in a rather funny kind of dilemma these days. The reason is Rafael Da Silva's marriage. Now why would Da Silva's marriage would bring Sir Alex in tension when he is known for his blessings to the players who want to settle down! 

The answer lies in the fact that Rafael has an identical twin, Fabio. Although, the siblings have been there with Fergie since more than four years, still its pretty easy to fail to differentiate!

And this happened after Rafael got married, because earlier the witty manager would quickly look at the left hand to tell who is who! 
'When we came to the club, Fabio had just got married and wore a ring, ’ Rafael told Globoesporte. ‘So our boss just had to look at the left hand to tell us apart. It was quite funny. 

‘But now we are both married and wear rings. This has made his life more difficult and occasionally he still gets it wrong. We laugh, but he takes it well.’

Both the brothers have expressed disappointement over Antonio Valencia's injury and showed desire to meet him in the hospital.

'I will go with my brother to visit him at the hospital, but I wish him a speedy recovery. He’s a great guy, fun and always helpful.’ , said  Fabio!

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