22 September 2010

CR7 wants to come back to Manchester United? Homer would love it!!

God! what a personality he is!
Cristiano Ronaldo is sick and tired of Real Madrid already, he is not finding the end of the net often and he may move back to Manchester United next Summer.

Although TRDS does not have any quotes at the moment, it is reported/speculated as of 21/09/2010 that CR7 would not mind a switch to his older club where he started off superbly. CR7 was a God at Manchester United. No one but him had the killer pass instincts like Ronaldo. Even Simpsons would admit that!

IF Ronaldo comes back to his former club, Sir Alex would have to convince his senior teams (including the money sucking Glazers) that Ronaldo is extremely needed by United in the present circumstance. It would no doubt take more than £80 million to aquire him from Real Madrid - now, that's a lot of money!

That's only IF, would he really want to come though? We think yes he would. Considering his recent form and ill-treatment at Madrid, Spain, one would say Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United's laura) wouldn't mind a switch to even West Ham for that sake.

Let's say this deal goes through, Ronaldo would break his own record of a unbelievable price tag of £80 million which United hasn't been able to spend in 2 years of time.. that's right.. 3 transfer windows - Utter Shame!

It is hoped that CR7 accepts the deal and so do the senior officials at United. It would be a pleasure to welcome back the god of Right wing (of course after Ryan Giggs) back to Old Trafford - where it all began for the Portugese.

Final comment about Real Madrid - they are famous for ending famous player's careers.
For example Michael Owen, Robinho, Robben, Beckham, KAKA, and now CR7 - this is ultra ridiculous!

Glory Glory Manchester United - here's hoping Real Madrid frees the Portugese Winger - Cristiano Ronaldo from the bondage and let's him come back to his motherland - Old Trafford
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