08 September 2010

Wayne Rooney scores away from home in Switzerland! (GOAL)

Wayne Rooney scored his first international goal in a year as England defeated Switzerland 3-1. We all know how good he is away from home!

The Man United striker's source said that he won't care about the criticism he receives and ready to give Colleen a divorce if that makes her happy.

Meanwhile Steven Gerrard, Captain of England and Liverpool team, has confirmed Wayne Rooney has been having off-the-field issues. Ryan Giggs has said to the media that the matter is personal and should remain personal.

It's also reported that Rooney's wife and kid - Kai Rooney are off to their holiday home in Barbados where Coleen can breath with ease away from the horrible questions from the media.

Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson is still undecided on Rooney's contract with United which ends in 18 months. The new contract might reduce his weekly wage because of his private life? Well time will tell..
Let's hope he scores against Everton, his previous club this Saturday!

Rooney's goal against Switzerland 07/09/2010
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