05 September 2010

Bebe and Hargreaves omitted from the Champions League squad

It is still not clear when Owen Hargreaves will make a comeback!

Owen Hargreaves and Bebe have been left out from the 25 men Champions League squad. There is a reason to it!

Owen Hargreaves is still seeking help regarding his knee in the United States whereas Bebe simply needs to pump it up with regards to his fitness. Recently he was omitted from reserves team as the Manager - Sir Alex thought the player is not ready and still needs to work a lot on his stamina.

Sir Alex sent his scout to Portugal to see Bebe play. Point to be noted- Sir Alex has still not seen Bebe play, which is kind of shameful really! But there's enough promise in the lad. You can watch an excerpt of the Portugal U-21 and England U-21 highlights focussing on Bebe's touches and runs. I'm sure you would be surprised by the amount of talent he has. Let's hope he has many games to come with Manchester United Reserves team (if not the first team) this season!

Bebe in action with the U-21 Portugal team against U-21 England team in Mexico
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