14 September 2010

Antonio Valencia suffers a major ankle injury against Rangers (Tribute Video)

Antonio Valencia maybe out for a few months as he injures his ankle again after an ankle operation in the Summer.
It doesn't look good at all for Antonio Valencia as he injured his left ankle again after undergoing an ankle surgery which kept him on the sideline for the US tour.

Apparently Sky Sports intentionally didn't show the replay again due to the nature of the injury. This goes to show how serious the injury is.

Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot who was the nearest player to Valencia while the injury occured, looked completely devastated on seing Antonio in grave pain. Perhaps he saw the ankle twist; it surely must have been a horrible horrible sight! Valencia immediately looked in pain and lied down on the ground while the players around him looked in shock and called for aid immediately.
A service to humanity, well done folks!
Valencia was supported by both the United as well as Ranger fans as he was applauded while leaving the pitch. It was a very sympathetic state for all the players as well as the fans, they would never want to come to a stadium and witness such a sad moment. But hats off off to the crowd for the immense support.

Valencia in some serious pain.
According to Sir Alex, it seems to be a fracture. That's the staff's first reaction. But he would surely be out for many weeks which would eventually turn into months.. Let's hope he doesn't join Owen Hargreaves on the long-term injury list.

God bless Antonio Valencia.

Tribute Video
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