19 September 2010

Match 5: Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool Highlights 19/09/2010

Match Highlights. Berbatov scores a awonderful second over-head goal for Manchester United and then completes a marvellous hat-trick by scoring the final winning goal in 84th minute. It's a 20 minute Match Highlights, so enjoy resposibly*, Old Trafford 19-9-2010

A look at Berbatov's goals.... ALL THREEE goals against Liverpool on Sunday
First goal: A sleek header into the right left bottom corner, from Giggs' corner kick
Berbatov's second blinder goal , took everyone by surprise especially Jamie Carraigher and Pepe Reina whose reaction was surreal. This goal is like Eric Cantona: Element of Surprise.. Sir Alex said Berbatov gave United a sense of shining look and it was a fantastic over head kick. The picture shows it alll how much precision this kick had.
Dimitar Berbatov's third goal with which he completed his hat-trick. Mission, first Manchester United player to score a hat-trick in a Liverpool derby game since 1946. That's right 64 years after a Red devil scored a hat-trick against Liverpool in a debry match.. DImitar deserved the Man of the Match title and can be compared to Eric Cantona and George Best. With this goal, Berbatov sealed United's victory emphatically, famously and fantasticly over arch-rivals Liverpool.

*Special thanks to BSkyB and BBC for the highlights
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