17 September 2010

Valencia's injury sidelines him for 5 months

The injury of the awesome right winger-  Antonio Valencia took place on 14th September, 2010; the D-Day for the Ecuadorian.

The immediate response of the injury was that it will keep Valencia on sidelines for the whole season if not more. After the surgery, which took place on 15th September, 2010 that is Wednesday, Manchester United has learnt that the injury is not as bad as previously known. Antonio Valencia "Tono" as his beloved Ecuodarian fans call him, is expected to make a recovery by February, 2010.

Antonio Valencia suffered a horrific injury. In the picture above, Chicharito is shown praying to the almighty before his debut kick off at Old Trafford.

It seems that God has heard all our Manchester United fantatic fans's request. Valencia IS making a speedy recovery. If things keep going on good for Tono, he may soon be making his comeback next year! Sir Alex Ferguson today (17/09/2010) said in a press conference at Carrington, that Antonio Valencia has had a successful ankle operation. A metal plate has been inserted in the ankle region and doctors are very happy with the way things are going on. Sir Alex also said it was a massive blow to his squad with a very important Liverpool game coming up on the weekend. Tono shall definitely be missed. Hope he comes on the scene very quickly.

Let's all cheer up and anticipate the winger's quick return.
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