26 October 2009

Patrice Evra blames Manchester United's defeat on poor attitude

"Shit!! Not again!! ........%$£%^&%$ "

Evra admitted the United defence had to take responsibility for Torres's decisive 65th-minute opener, when Ferdinand struggled badly against the power and pace of the Spanish striker. He said: "We know the game and we know Torres. He got a chance and he scored. He is a good striker but for a defender it is not good to concede those goals."

The United left-back did concur with his manager's view that Marriner erred in only booking Carragher when he pulled Michael Owen to the floor as the last man in the 80th minute. Evra claimed: "I don't think the referee has an easy job but I think he made some mistakes. Against Michael Owen, Carragher was the last man and didn't get sent off. It was important because, when you play 11 against 10, you have an advantage and it is difficult to understand why Carragher wasn't sent off. Maybe it was a factor but I would rather focus on the display of Manchester United and the performance was poor."

While Ferguson attempted to shift the focus on to Marriner's experience of such grand fixtures, or supposed lack of, he will no doubt share Evra's demand for a similar response to last season's defeat at Anfield, when United embarked on a 12-match unbeaten run in all competitions.

"Losing to Liverpool is the most pain you can have when you play for Manchester United," the defender conceded. "It's a great feeling when you win at Anfield but it's also a big pain when you lose. After the game there was silence and big disappointment in the dressing room. We need to show the same as last year now. We lost against Liverpool twice but won the league. We have to make sure we do that but also, at Old Trafford, we have to show the real United team."

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