18 October 2009

Manchester United on top of the pool after defeating Bolton 2-1 while Chelsea loses 2-1 to Aston Villa!

It was a weekend of immense joy for Manchester United as they re-gain the top place on the Premier League Table which they have enjoyed for the majority of the last three years.

One can say it was a narrow win for United, but nevertheless they won it and it was a tough won. Now the Red Devils have got every single reason to celebrate as Diwali kicks in India! Funny enough, the whole of India and other parts of world (where indians reside) celebrated this day with loads of fireworks as it was the Indian festival of light- Diwali yesterday! So I take this chance to wish you all Happy Diwali! And Hope its a great season for Manchester United.

I must admit, at one time United took it lightly in the end as Bolton roared into the United defence in a very orthodox manner. It was a dream start for United with an own goal coming from the Bolton defender "KNIGHT" who should receive a Knighthood from SAF if not anyone else!!!

Ryan Giggs looked terrific on Saturday as he was easily able to break into the Bolton defence. The real stars of the game, in my opinion were Berbatov, valencia and van der Saar. Berbatov gave a decent effort and has been by ranked goal.com as one of the best for the week and so is the winger - Valencia. Berbatov celebrated the birth of Dea, his first baby girl, with great fashion and an amazing performance.

I must say he looked stunning with his elegant passing and some awesome accuracy. He was glued to the ball like Friction! This certainly was one of his better performances during his tenure at United so far. Valencia deserved to be man of the match along with Van Der Saar. The Equidorian made some great long-range attempts and successfully scored his goal of the season! If he hadn't scored, then United would have had to settle down with a draw and a 1 point trail to the Blues.

Van Der Saar felt comfortable to start with hardly any balls coming to him. It was the second half in which he performed so many breath-taking saves! and it was great to watch the Dutch come back after he broke his two fingers during a AUDI CUP match against Bayern Munich.

I must say it was a bit of tough win for United. Especially in the end, when Bolton was successful to score a goal from the header in the last quarter of the match. It was a very nervous moment for the Devils as it was a sensational goal.

Can you imagine? Van Der Sar didnt move at all to make an effort to stop the goal. But Van came with some amazing saves in the dying minutes of the match which made sure United win the game and take the impressive lead from Chelsea who lost at Aston Villa 2-1.

SAF was already seen panicing as the rate of his "iconic" chewing gum increased after van made one save after the other and Bolton looked as threatening as one could have ever imagined.

THIS is wat SAF had to say - "It was more tense than we would have liked. We made it hard for ourselves and we were panicking at times. But we got through it, just.''

My own personal Player Reviews and a few words describing their performance-

1) Van der Sar 7- Awesome!

2) Evra/O Shea 5/6 - Evra substituted by O' Shea, Both looked okay although O'shea was better in the few minutes he played.

3) Ferdinand 7 - Seemed to have recovered from the shock.

4) Neville- 7 - Class!

5) Evans - 6.5 - Improving but still confused

6) Ryan Giggs - 7.5 - The Father of United attack

7) Valencia - 8 - The wonderful finisher and extra-ordinarily aggressive.

8) Anderson/Scholes- 7/6 - Smart player/ over-agressive

9) Carrick - 6.5 - Dominant

10) Berba - 8.5 - TOO GUD!

11) Owen/ Welbeck - 6.5/6. Owen failed to finish well but received passes extremely smoothly. Welbeck hardly got chances.


See ya before the CSKA MOSCOW game this Wednesday!

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