11 October 2009

Now you see me, now you dont !!

Sir Alex Ferguson has apologised to referee Alan Wiley for any embarrassment caused by the sustained attack on the official's fitness after last weeks encounter between Manchester United and Sunderland.

I personally beleive that Sir Alex is a superb tactician. Mark my words, the next time Wiley officiates any United game, he is sure to be under pressure to give right decisions to the Red Devils. Not only Wiley, any referee now will now think twice (maybe not, coz it'll take a lot of time) before giving any decision......

The attack outraged referees, who have now put immense pressure on the F.A to take tough action, and have also demanded an answer from Sir Alex.

But the Scot already has his answer ready.

'' I Apologise to Mr.Wiley for any personal embarrassment my comments may have caused and to the F.A for going public with my views.''

''It was never my intention to bring te focus of intense media interest on Mr.Wiley and i will apologise to him personally.''


1 comment:

Maheep said...

haha! SAF is a grand man!

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