13 October 2009

United eyeing David James for the January transfer window

At 39-year-old the England No 1 is unlikely to cost more than £1 million, but any decision from Old Trafford may well depend on whether 38-year-old Van der Sar is willing to renew his contract - an announcement the Dutchman has said he will make in December.

On the other hand, the English Goalkeeper is also demanded by Tottenham Hotspurs. It will certainly be a tough task for him to decide. One thing is for sure: He would love to leave the Pompey's coz of their poor performance and fears of relegations.

Glory Glory Man United


manjot said...

Idont think James is a long term solution no doubt he is a top Goalie but is not a horse for the long races , the russian looks a good prosspect he is young and has at least 10-12 years left in him Ifeel a lot for Kusczack , he produces an industrious performance and yet does not get too many chances

Maheep said...

hmm.... Kusczack is a really good goalkeeper, he just needs to appear in games more to prove his point. but only if the poor old sir alex gives him a chance.

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