28 October 2009

Police arrests 8 United and Barnsley fans after the Cup tie.. 4 away and 4 home fans.. including the ones who stepped on the pitch and scored!

Police on Tuesday arrested eight fans during disturbances at United's League Cup match at Barnsley on Tuesday, a police spokesman said.

In one incident a group of Manchester United fans broke into a food kiosk at the Oakwell stadium trapping eight staff, while they stole cash from the till and took all the stock, a South Yorkshire police spokesman said.

"Police officers responded by arresting three people from breaking into the kiosk.

"Some of these fans that broke into the food kiosk also threw food items at the Barnsley stewards," he said, adding that a police officer received a minor facial injury while trying to arrest one person.

Television footage showed two fans invading the pitch during the game.

In a separate incident after the match, two people were arrested after jumping onto a train line and stopping a Barnsley-Sheffield train, he said.

The town of Barnsley is located close to the northern city of Sheffield.

"In total, eight people have been arrested -- four away fans and four home fans," he said, adding all were in custody.

I must say, the away fans breaking into the play and snatching ball off Ben Foster was nothing but HUMOUROUS!

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