03 October 2009

United avoid defeat at home, superb goals by Berba and Evra, United settle with a draw! Match Highlights, Match pics and much more

Super over-head kick, this goal is inspired from his Liverpool game.
Final Score- Manchester United 2-2 Sunderland Who scored: Bent- 6', Berbatov- 51', Reid- 58' and Ferdinand (O.G.) 93'
Old Trafford
17.30 KO

It was all about Berbatov's lovely bicycle kick which thankfully ended up in the goal and United were 2-1! Adrenaline rushed among every United fan and there was every single possibility that they will ceetainly come back and win the game conviningly. United scored 2 goals in the game, both coming in the 2nd half, unsurprisingly! But they only had to settle down for a draw at the end after a super sexy 2nd half performance and an equally horrible 1st half effort.

Match Review

I will like to review the match in two parts.

1st HALF: Totally herendous for United. Conceded a hell ov-a goal from Darren Brent. Ben Foster looked terribly shaky and nervous. Where he could have passed the ball, he kicked it literally blindly which went nowhere. It was a sad moment for United but i feel the fella should have done better.

Celebrations after the 1st Sunderland goal

He hasn't earned even 0.1% of respect from England Coach Fabio Capello who was also witnessing the match.. Seems like he stayed in Manchester since Wednesday after reviewing the useless (well from his point of view) UEFA game against Wolfsburg which we won 2-1.. Towards the end of 1st Half, United started to pass the ball. Evra went up occasionally to support the midfielders. But what I think led down was poor midfielding.. They didnt take the ball responsibly.

2nd HALF: Much better for United.. They only conceded once which should have been saved idealy by Ben Foster but! holy shit! he again let it go :( United won loads of corners and free-kicks in the 2nd half. It was in the 2nd half when the Sunderland midfielder was red carded!

Former United player, Richardson, shown his second yellow card of the game which means that he must go off
and it was much celebrated by the loud United fans.. Berbatov scored from a dream bicycle kick. (On yer ride achievement accomplished in XBOX lol).

What a beauty this guy has in his feet. His goal against Liverpool 19/09/2010 was marvellous
Berba celebrates after a perfect overhead kick goal!
It was really magical. Rooney missed quite a few chances which should have been put in according to his standards. He must be one unlucky person today. Andy Reid equalised from a header (ben foster's header).

Andy Reid scores the second goal for Sunderland
It was one of the rarest goals I've seen United to concede. They certainly need to worry about their GK options. from 91st to the 94th minute, United gained about 6 odd corners out of which i guess the last one by Carrick was the best. Evra equalised in the last seconds of the 93rd minute (Please note- there were 4 extra minutes played lol!).

Wayne Rooney is a ferocious boxer and a beast.
Sunderland players are dejected after Evra's deflected goal (last touched by Ferdinand- Player No. 5 - in front of Rooney) in the 93rdminute.
It was, what I consider to be a very lucky OWN goal off Ferdinand (Sunderland) but not exactly a fluke. That ball could have gone anywhere but luckily found the net. 2-2.. Still the game looked far from certain and after the game resumed we heard the Ref's whistle which meant that United are still on top and Chelsea just one point and 3 goals less. Hope they lose against tomorrow's Liverpool derby and concede many goals so that they are way down in Goal Difference.

To be fair, United didnt look that threatening today and didnt deserve to win at all. It was Sunderland who came up with attacking moves and deserved to grab 3 points with pride. But united know their way!

See that?
Evra and Bardsley shake hands after the final whistle!

Player Ratings

1) Foster - 4
2) Evra- 8
3) Vidic-8
4) Evans- 6
5) O' Shea- 6
6) Anderson - 7
7) Nani - 6
8) Welbeck- 7
9) Fletcher- 7
10) Rooney- 6!
11) Berbatov- 8
12) Carrick- 7
13) Valencia- 6
14) Scholes- 5!

Match Highlights


Akul sharma said...

Rooney couldnt score :( :(

and we were expecting a big win and we are left with a narrow draw.. :(...

Maheep said...

well u know! sometimes we have to settle for a draw.. United only looked threatening in the last 5 or 6 minutes where they deserved to score.. but otherwise it was all dominated by Sunderland sadly Akul :(

NExt game on 17th against Bolton where Owen should be back, fingers crossed..

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