13 October 2009

Against the run of play....

Looking at the recent matches United have played, i have made some pointers, which ought to help us look forward towards the next week.

1) United gave a terrific performance midweek against Wolfsburg (who are the reigning german champs) , which showed that even without C.Ronaldo ( C is for all the people who still confuse this name for the veteran brazilian) United are capable of performing in europe.
The Carrick strike was awesome, demolishing all talks of his bust up with fergie.

2) Everyone was expecting United to blow away Sunderland in the next match (even i thought so ) , and BOY were we dissapointed.
Agreed that the Berba goal was AWESOME, but overall ,the united performance that night was horrible. No link ups. no smooth passing, and Sunderland got a well deserved draw (though some beleive they deserved a win).
I personally beleive that Welbeck has a long way to go before playing first team, an i know many people will abuse me for saying this, but remember this is from a true Redevil..

3) The result of that performance was that ol Fergie took all his frustration out on the ref , Mike Wiley.
He was shocked to see such a negative performance by United, which resulted in Chelsea taking the ''top of the table '' honours.
That has resulted in Fergie being caught up in hot soup, which will have a negative effect overall on the team.

4) Finally i would like to say is that we, the United fans , have to keep FAITH.
There are many countless positives too (Edwin returning, Obertan gettin his first cap, etc).
But my point is that whatever happens, we have to keep faith, and see how United silence the critics by going top of the table again.......

so till next time....... GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!!



Anonymous said...

What a fucking loser. Spamming blog comments for a fanboy site devoted to a child's game?

Way to go, champ.

Maheep said...

Please stop spamming over here, will you? If you liked the blog do stick with it, if you don't (you'r not a manc .....) then kindly shhh!

I hope I got the message through

ABY7 said...

whatever u say...
dont give a damn..

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