16 August 2010

Ryan Giggs aims to coach Manchester United if not Wales

Ryan Giggs has further strengthened his desire to coach Manchester United after being a one club man for United for life.

It's been 20 years for the United veteran since he first started playing for the Youth team, it's been a journey ever since. There is no better person than a one club man at your own club to take charge from you. I think it would be a delightful opportunity for both. Giggs should try his best to be the next coach at United.
The veteran said "My aim would be to manage either Manchester United or Wales".

Giggs who will be 37 this year in November, has every season since he was 30 as if was his last as a player, but its amazing to watch him keep going.
Absolut Legends, role models.
Lost gone are the days of flying down the wing and making most accomplished right-backs in the game look distinctly average, this guy has reduced his fitness over the years but he still stands up bravely after falling down. He still has the valour to carry on and spread the Glory. He's already a legend, a remarkable personality and of course a BIG influence for the United kids.

Giggs who has scored 155 goals for United in about 840 appearances has done remarkably well. He's the best if not the perfect man to take over Fergie.
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