10 August 2010

Chicharito shines after scoring a miraculous goal from face against Chelsea (Video)

After having scored from his face against Chelsea in the Community Shield game at Wembley Stadium, Chicharito has marched onto a dream start with Manchester United. He was the fastest player at the World Cup 2010.
The new baby faced "Little Pea" - Chicharito having a picture with the Community Shield trophy at the Wembley Stadium
Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea
The Wembley Stadium
8th August, 2010 (8/09/2010)
Valencia 40', Berbatov 74' , Chicharito 90'... Kalou 84'

He came on at half-time for Manchester United partnered with Dimitar Berbatov. His name is Javier Hernandez, people aptly call him Chicharito (Little Pea, big pea being the legendary footballer and his father El Chicharito). I suggest you learn his name as you're gonna shout it many times in the coming season.
Chicharito is the first Mexican player let alone striker to be signed by Manchester United so far since 1878 - when the club was formed!

In the community shield game against Chelsea on sunday, Hernandez managed to score a rather awkward but lucky goal off his head! It was an electric combo of Dimi and Chicha... Dimi - who barely runs and Chicha who runs like a wild dog, mind it!

Javier Hernandexwas the fastest runner or shall we say fastest player of the World Cup 2010 with a maximum speed of 20 mph which is 32.15 kmh.. He also managed to score to lovely goalas!

So far, Hernandez has played 3 games for United: Out of which he has scored on 2 occasions!
Once against MLS all-stars and the other against Chelsea last sunday.

One of the quickest runners around: The name is "Javier Hernandez"aka Chicharito

When will he score at Old Trafford? That's a question yet to be answered.. Will he feature against Liverpool on 19/09/2010? and possibly score?

Chicharito has been rightly praised by Scholes and Vidic after the community shield game. He has been quoted as a very "sharp" player, similar to what Ole Solksjaer performed...

I reckon this premier league will be BIG for United, who can easily win it looking at the striking talent they have, the only concern is that there are very less goals from the midfield. Only Gibson and Scholes find the goal that often. I would be interested if Fletcher becomes more goal-scoring rather than just opposition's play-destroying!

Dimitar with its elegance will set up Hernandez, who then will chop the ball behind the goal line.. I believe Chicharito and Rooney are both similar kind of players, would be a big mistake playing them together, playing with Berba would be pretty wise!

It's still too early to say but I think Chelsea better watch out for this season, they might have to exit this season without a Trophy and United will take atleast 3.

Now that's my views, what do you think?

Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea Video Highlights

Glory Glory Man United

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