17 August 2010

Match 1: United thrash newly promoted Newcastle United

Manchester United 3-0 Newcastle United
The hosts give a warm welcome to the newly promoted team
Rooney is not enjoying his game for sure!

First two goals of Manchester United vs Newcastle United
Berba 33
Fletcher 42

Main highlights of the game..... with some imperative conclusions.... 

Manchester United maintained some heavy duty possession play over the Newcastle United, surely the visitors had a tough time struggling in front of a 75k+ crowd.

Wayne Rooney struggled big time in the game, it was eminent he is still suffering from the World Cup hang over. It's been a good 5-6 months since he last scored. Hernandez and Berbatov have both scored and look comfortably in this time. Even Macheda and Welbeck are finding the net quite often these days.

Ryan Giggs is an absolute legend! 19 years of service and he has scored every year. He started off 19th season with a lovely volley from THE great Paul Scholes.

My top prediction - Berbatov will shine this year, Even Sir Alex admitted "It's gonna be his year this season". He has opened United's account this year. Berbatov should score atleast 30+ goals this year to be an absolute genius and hope not to get injured.

Paul Scholes still dictates the glorious United play... Scholes knows how to play attackingly as well as naively. It was all attack from the word GO. He produced a lovely 1st goal via Berbatov while Nani helped Evra who gifted Scotman Daren Fletcher with a lovely piece of tricky goal

Last final comment - Give Hernandez some time, don't judge him by the pre-season. He has got plenty more to improve.. just give him some time!
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