30 August 2010

The Busby Babes - A tribute to a legend

All the hardcore Manchester United fans sure must know about Matt Busby.The eponymous Club Manager who is widely regarded as the sculptor of the club as we know today!

Matt Busby was of Scottish decent and had played for Manchester United's arch rivals Manchester City and Liverpool before becoming the club manager in 1945.He is the longest staying manager of MU,ahead of Sir Alex.In 24 years i.e.,from 1945-1969,Matt Busby created the strong and valiant team of Manchester United.

Assisted by Jimmy Murphy,Busby scripted the bright future of MU by nurturing the young players and making them immediate heroes.The team was widely acknowledged as 'Busby Babes' and till date the term is associated with every group of young players who are capable to turn things around.

He started the trend which is still there in the veins of Old Trafford,the trend of polishing the skills of players available rather than wasting money on buying new ones.It was Busby who made Manchester United a team to fear,a team which would never lose its glory and a team which just hates to give away the crown!
But unfortunate events tried to scale-off Busby's fortune.The 1958 Munich Air Disaster which left the world shocked was a big blow to the future of Matt and MU.The Busby babes was finished with Geoff Bent,Roger Byrne,Eddie Colman,Duncan Edwards,Mark Jones,David Pegg,Tommy Taylor,Liam "Billy" Whelan DEAD! Busby suffered multiple injuries and twice received the Last Rites, but he recovered from his injuries and left
hospital after nine weeks.

He was not aware of the extent of the Munich tragedy until some weeks after the crash, as doctors felt he was not strong enough to know the truth until then. He reportedly told his wife Jean that he felt like quitting the manager's job, as he had feelings of guilt over the disaster (he had gone against Football League officials wishes by pressing for Manchester United's participation in the European Cup, and had not felt able to challenge the aircraft's pilot about taking off in heavy snow), but his wife urged him to carry on with his duties in honour of the players who had died.
After the crash, Busby built a new side around Munich survivors including Harry Gregg, Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes. He also brought in players from other clubs - these included David Herd, Albert Quixall and Denis Law. Northern Irish forward George Best was scouted for Man Utd by Bob Bishop and signed to the club's playing staff by chief scout Joe Armstrong.

In 1963, Busby had successfully rebuilt United as he guided them to a 3-1 victory over Leicester City in the FA Cup final. They were league champions in 1965 and again in 1967, with only a defeat on the final day of the 1967-68 season stopping them from recording a rare championship hat-trick.
The biggest success of his career came on 29 May 1968 when the team won the European Cup. He retired as manager a year later but remained at the club as a director.Busby was awarded the CBE in 1958 and was knighted following the European Cup victory in 1968, before being made a Knight Commander of St Gregory by the Pope in 1972.
This way Matt Busby served like a soldier for Manchested United and became a true hero.He climbed,was burnt down and in the end he rose just like a phoenix from his ashes and made the club as it is today!
The Red Devil Spot salutes to the legend and thanks him for all his unmatchable efforts.
May his soul Rest in Peace!
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