24 August 2010

Craven Cottage remains to be a curse for Manchester United

It's getting better since 23rd March, 2009 but the Reds still struggle at the mischievious ground.
Every Red Devil should pray for United when they play Fulham at home. Hope the next season holds good!

Flashback from previous years at Craven Cottage

Season 2008/2009
Paul, this is not Volley-ball is it?
Date: 23 March 2009
Final Score: Fulham 2-0 Manchester United

Decent strike by Bobby Zamora, penalty thanks to Paul Scholes' hand-effort to try and save the match!

To make matters worse, Rooney was red-carded when he apparentyly tried to attack the referee while he was just angry about his yellow card booking. He literally threw the ball towards the kick taker to start the game quickly, but thanks to Phil Dowd to spoil things for United even more. Thanks Phil (!"!$£"$£^%$)

Season 2009/2010
Date: 19 December 2009
Final Score: Fulham 3-0 Manchester United

You rarely see Fletcher and Carrick partnered together, but it did happen on this dark Saturday night by the River thames in London when Bobby Zamora and co fired 3 goals to nil to seal a comfortable and a dominating win over the Red Devils.

Season 2010/2011
Date: 22 August, 2010
Final Score: Fulham 2-2 Manchester United

Lovely 25 yd goal 11 mins past KO
Scholes brings glory early on in the game (11') when he fires a beautiful 25 yard goal into the Fulham net. It seemed that United may have removed the curse they had been suffering since 2 years at this very ground. But soon Davies equalises. Hopes rise again as the attacking ball from United's wing (led by Antonio Valencia?) finds the net from Fulham's very own defender - Haangeland. Things look relaxed. 2-1. My prediction was right! Oh Hang on a minute, United gets a chance to make it 3-1 but oh no Nani gets the penalty kick (why the F*ck is it not Giggs?) And guess what? Nani shoots a rather predictable delivery aiming for the left lower post but miserably failed with respect to pace and patience. So back to 2-1, to make matters worse the own goal scorer Haangelnad makes it all squared for the hosts by converting a decent corner into a lovely goal. Thanks to slacky defending by United. 

So what costed United the draw? I guess Giggs is to be blamed partly for trusting Nani and United's defenders. They never looked as though they wanted to win the game, thats how I feel.
HERO! Scores an own goal and then scores for United.

But anyhow I hope 2011 will offer United any help if not 2012 when United play at Craven Cottage again!
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