31 August 2010

"Everybody needs to chip in"-Ryan Giggs

Manchester United veteran, Ryan Giggs, is highly impressed with the way his team is performing this season.With eight different players on the scoresheet so far, Manchester United already look in terrific form. They are always favourites for the title, but with the present quality of execution, they are sure to win.

Giggs expressed that last season it was Rooney all the way with no less than 34 goals,which sure helped the team to gain the second spot, but wasn't enough for the title.United were enjoying the top spot until Rooney injured his foot and missed games. The team lost its backbone, which affected their mental strength as well. Chelsea, on the other hand, were already in high spirits and easily pushed them aside.
"We can’t just rely on Wayne like we did last season, " he told MUTV. "Berba has started on fire - in the games so far, he’s had a lot of chances and he’s putting them away.
"But everyone needs to chip in, midfielders, defenders, everyone. As a team, we need to score a lot more goals from different areas on the pitch."
Meanwhile, Giggs has expressed his happiness for Rooney, who recently ended his goal draught!
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