16 August 2010

Fergie eyes Porto's Raul Meireles as Ozil's alternate

Off to Man Utd?
Sir Alex Ferguson is reportedly keen to sign the amazing play-maker Raul Meireles if he's unable to sign German midfielder Mesut Ozil who is as told by Alex earlier "over-priced".

Werder Bremen, Ozil's current club demands a sum of £12m which is way beyond United's expenditure limit I guess.

Manchester United has spent just under £25 million this season to bolster the squad. Chris Smalling remains the most expensive transfer for United this season at £10m with Bebe next at £7.4 and finally Mexican super genius striker Chicharito at about £6m reportedly.

This is less than 1/4 of Manchester City's lavish expenditure this year which included big signings such as Yaya Toure, Ballotelli, Silva, Barry to name a few. But the bottom line remains, do these players know how to play together or is the blind management just interested in putting down money just to challenge Manchester United.

My opinion is that Manchester City is NOWHERE near United. As Alex Ferguson said last season ,"City is an expensive club with cheap mentality" shall remain in our hearts for ever.

Mancher Citu, our Bitter rivals, are trying to match United's quality by buying awesome players, can they do any thing but fail YET again?

Alright, I think City does look a bit dangerous this season. But they can't challenge someone like United for United will eat them and not even spare the bones.

Glory Glory!

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