31 August 2010

Darren Fletcher sells £1.5million mansion to Darren Gibson

Soccer star Darren Fletcher has completed a £1.5million transfer by selling his house to a young team-mate.
Manchester United midfielder Fletcher, 26, has sold the six-bed mansion to 23-year-old Irish/Man Utd midfielder Darron Gibson.

Fletcher put the property in Bowdon, South Manchester, on the market last summer after his wife Hayley suffered a terrifying knife raid there last year.

The Scottish international moved to a £2.5million house in nearby Hale because of the bad memories associated with the burglary.
A source said: "Hayley was left really shaken by the ordeal when she had a knife held to her throat.
"They installed a high-tech CCTV system and security system but decided to move to a more private location and start afresh. Darron Gibson is pleased with the deal."
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