31 December 2010

Birthday Boy cites this year's Premier League as DREAM LEAGUE!

Sir Alex or Fergie as we may call him on this special day has turned 69 today! With a glorious past with Manchester United, he would enjoy this day with his team at the top of the league!

Although he isn't being too confident of this year's title. He has stated that five teams are quite capable of winning the title and hence he says winning this time would be more like a dream!
"It is there for everyone to win or lose," the Manchester United manager said. "So many times over the last few years, people have spoken about the top four when there has been one of those periods where we are all within a couple of points of each other and said this could be a really exciting league. But by the end of the year, two teams are contesting it.

"That could happen again this season but on the other hand, if it were to be five or six involved right until the end, it would be fantastic for the league. It is the kind of league we dream of."

A difference of merely 5 points separates the first and the fifth team, therefore the competition is scary.

The new year is not going to be easy for the Red Devils, West Bromwich Albion, who, while having slipped a little recently, already boast a win at Arsenal and an Old Trafford draw among the highlights of their return to the top flight.

"West Brom have been a refreshing team this year," Ferguson said. "They play the right way, they are a good threat and their goal tally has been very good. It is perfectly correct for us to expect a tough game."

We, the TRDS Team, wish you guys a very Happy New Year!
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