18 December 2010

Sir Alex to break his BBC boycott to pay tribute to David Beckham

Each one of us is familiar with Sir Alex's resolve to not to speak on BBC after a documentary by the BBC put his son Jason, then a football manager, in bad light.

Since then, he has spoken to the BBC just once, to pay tribute to Sir Bobby Robson. And now, he is set to break his resolve once more, this time to pay tribute to David Beckham.

Sir Alex and Beckham have enjoyed a healthy relation over the years with Becks going on the record to describe Ferguson as a "fatherly figure".

Beckham is set to receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Sports Personality of the Year, tomorrow and Sir Alex has recorded a special tribute for him.

Beckham played for United from 1992-2003, appearing in 265 matches and scoring 62 goals in his glorious career. He was then sold to Real Madrid. Now, Beckham plays for MLS club Los Angeles Galaxy. He has also played for England, at U-18, U-21 and international level. In his illustrious career, the player has won almost everything a person could dream of. He also participates actively in charity work and enjoys a healthy relation with his wife Victoria and three kids.

A true Red Devil, set to be paid a tribute by the BOSS!!
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