22 December 2010

United-Chelsea fixture MAYBE postponed till the end of the season

"The Sun" has been speculating of a possibility of two back-to-back United-Chelsea fixtures towards the end of the season, and if that occurs then we're all set to witness an interesting end to this rather strange Premier League season so far. 

CHELSEA and Manchester United face a potential end-of-season title play-off as Premier League bosses struggle to cope with a fixture backlog.

The rivals are already due to play at Old Trafford on May 7 in a match which is sure to have a huge say in the championship race.
But they could meet again 10 days later after Sunday's Stamford Bridge match was cancelled.
Contingency plans are being put in place following last weekend's snow-hit programme.
And with further postponements looming over Christmas and New Year, England's top teams face a chaotic season's finale.
United have already had two games postponed. The Blackpool visit will now take place on January 25 but a slot for Carlo Ancelotti's Chelsea looks harder to find.
Both clubs face a possible 15 games in April and May due to possible Champions League and FA Cup commitments.
The Premier League sets aside four contingency dates each season.
But the first three - January 11 and 24, plus April 19 - are dependent on FA Cup replays.
That leaves the midweek of May 17 and 18 as the only other available slot, just days before the final league games on May 22.
League chiefs are sure they can avoid a pile-up. A spokesman said: "We will work with affected clubs to get new dates agreed."

Till then, sing along GGMU!

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