19 December 2010

Chelsea postpone the match.. SOMETHING IS FISHY!!

The image you see above is Stamford Bridge on Saturday, taken from one of their Security Cameras. The picture clearly proves that the condition was "playable" and it was just that Chelsea decided not to play against a resurgent United side probably because of the fear of losing.

The much awaited Chelsea-Man United match was postponed because of "heavy snow across UK on Saturday".

Can anyone from Chelsea officials please explain as to how Sunderland, Leeds, Hull and even Ipswich managed to see through their respective ties?

Something is really fishy in the way that Chelsea decided to delay the time more than 24 hours before the match was scheduled to start.

Chelsea camp had criticized the calling off of United game at Blackpool by saying "In this day and age, with all the modern technology, it is very rare you get a game called off. This shouldn't happen at Stamford Bridge where we have a water pipe system which is like a big radiator pumping hot water under the pitch to keep it warm."

The club that was boasting their ground conditions a few days ago, suddenly cancelled a tough tie. And that too when they are facing a crisis, having won just once in last 7 premier league outings. Their star players, Lampard and Drogba were doubtful for the clash too. This brings us to the obvious conclusion that Ancelloti's men got scared of the mighty Reds who are at present the Table toppers and yet to be defeated in the Premier League.

United now face a crowded fixture list post-Christmas, something that every manager wants to avoid.

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