09 December 2010

So,who will we face in next round..??

United have finished at the top of the table in their group with 14 points with 4 wins and 2 draws. This means they are amongst the "seeded" teams along with likes of Schalke, Real, Barca, Tottenham and Chelsea.

The teams that are second in their respective groups are "unseeded". Arsenal, Inter, AC Milan, Lyon, Valencia, Marseille, Roma and Copenhagen are the unseeded clubs.

A seeded club will face an unseeded club.

But since we've played against Valencia in group stages and Arsenal are from the same league, we won't be grouped with them.
This leaves 6 clubs:
  1. INTER (The treble winner of 2010)
  2. AC MILAN (The team with the likes of Ibra, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Pato.. BRING 'EM ON)
  3. LYON (French Club with a few good players. Benzema used to play for them before his move to Real)
  4. MARSEILLE (The French team Gabriel Heinze plays for)
  5. ROMA (The team we thrashed 7-1 last time)
  6. F.C. COPENHAGEN (Danish club)

The draw is TODAY!! and the matches will be played in two legs in Feb-March. Lets hope for the best.

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