26 December 2010

Match Review 17: Berbatov crushes Sunderland on the Boxing Day

Manchester United 2-0 Sunderland
Dimitar Berbatov 5' 57'
Old Trafford
Attendance: 76,259

Roy Hodson, Alex McLeish were the guests on Boxing day
Manchester United's festive (or rather hectic) journey of 4 fixtures in 10 days started off in fine spirits as Dimitar Berbatov's brace against Sunderland helped United clinch the top spot, 5 points clear of Arsenal.
One can arguably say that United would be sitting comfortably on top for a long time leaving Chelsea and Arsenal to catch up on points. And with the second half of the season about to start, United will only get better and better.

Sunderland, who have crused Chelsea 3-0 at Stamford Bridge earlier in November and drawn to Arsenal at their home looked rather weak in front of United today. Not to forget United had a two week break since their last fixture against Arsenal at home whereas Sunderland didn't. That could have been a factor of the extra power that United used to demolish Sunderland at Old Trafford today.

Ryan Giggs - the dribbling maestro
Talking about today's North East-West derby, United grabbed a comfortable 2-0 win at home, which could have so easily been 5-0 or 6-0 had United not smashed the goal posts or avoided the crazy deflections.

Berbatov got off to a flyer with a magnificent header set up by partner Wayne Rooney who yet again failed to find the back of the net in this game. United were a constant threat in the first half, attacking with full throttle. Berbatov hit the goal post a few minutes later and had that been the goal, Berbatov could have enjoyed his 3rd hat-trick of the season! Soon Anderson shook the crossbar with his powerful strike.

ROO: Missed chance

Rooney very nearly scored in the first half, thanks to some amazing dribbling by Sir Ryan Giggs who definitely looked at least 5 years younger in this game.

Berbatov scores his second goal of the match.

  United started off the second half in a very attacking manner with a goal coming from Berbatov in the 57th minute. Anderson instantly found Berba inside the penalty box with some tremendous vision and Berba didn't take too long to shoot it from there but thanks to Anton Ferdinand (yes, he's Rio's brother!) who provided a massive deflection to Berba's shot.

Gibson and Macheda were brought on for Anderson and Giggs respectively. It was amazing to watch Darron Gibson take on the role of Paul Scholes and having a go at the goal from a long-range = A typical Darron Gibson for you!

Rafael and Park's performance was much impressive today and they seem to be enjoying the partnership. Rafael is emerging to be a hard-working never-give up kinda right back. It's all good for United.

Chicharito came on for Man of the Match Dimi Berbatov in the 83rd minute and he did deserve a standing ovation, even by the boss! Sir Alex nicely greeted Berba and shared a talk or two which made both of them laugh. Perhaps Sir Alex apologised Berba for not have him the chance to score his third hat-trick of the season!

A note on Dimitar Berbatov
90% of Berba's goals have come when partnered with Wayne Rooney!

Dimitar Berbatov's performance has been getting better right since the start of the season and he's slowly proving his worth at United. His first goal against Celtic in Toronto, Canada showed that he's ready for this season. Also the fact that he used to run so much during WC 2010 days is slowly doing all the talking. Berbatov has so far scored two hat-tricks and 14 goals in 17 Premier League games so far this season. There is absolutely no doubt that he will go on and score at least 30 goals this season with at least one more hat-trick in store for him!

Manchester United 2-0 Sunderland Highlights from Old Trafford

Next up is Birmingham City in a mid-week clash on 28th December, 2010 at 20.00 GMT


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