06 December 2010

Sotiris Ninis…Remember the name:

Once a United “target”, Sotiris Ninis, the Greek playmaker is now no more in the news. Reason? Well, in this amazing world of football everyday hundreds of “starlets” are born and with the clubs having casket full of money to spend, the players are easily linked with each one of them. The agents play an important role too. Once a player is tagged as a United or Madrid or any other big club’s “target”, his market value automatically increases manifold times.

But a player like Ninis is worth every penny spent. Still just 20 years old, the boy is the captain of his club Panathinaikos (the youngest player to be made a captain at just 18 years 125 days age) and has featured in 11 international matches for Greece. He also holds the record of being the youngest player to score for both, his club and his country. He is an attacking midfielder, much like Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal.

United are closely monitoring his growth at the club and their scouts were present to see Ninis play in a UEFA Champions League tie against Barcelona. He is under a contract with his club till 2012 with a €10m buy-out clause into the agreement for any foreign team wanting to buy him, rising to €17m for a Greek side. A switch deal is also possible with the “unhappy” Brazilian, Anderson leaving United. Anderson’s agents were recently spotted in Greece and it was rumored that a deal has already been signed for a January switch.

Ninis has already expressed his desire to snub all other offers for United, where he will get a chance to prosper under the best manager in the world.

All in all, a player with his head at the right place who can dominate the midfield with his quick runs and passing ability, he is certainly a star of the future. The news that Glazers will finally spare some money for the club has given a boost to the rumors. All that remains to be seen is that whether Fergie will sign a superstar or will he continue his tradition of signing talent and making them superstars. If he can sign an unknown player, Bebe for 7 million, certainly he can sign Ninis. Also, the time is right. An year with the midfield maestro Scholes and he will be ready to take over by the time Scholsey retires.

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