27 December 2010

Prepare for Apocalypse as United take on Barcelona next summer in the US!

With so many exciting news buzzing around before the new year, get ready for one more! Manchester United are all set to play Spanish Giants Barcelona in the 91,000 capacity FedEx Field in Landover, Md., on July 30.

And very certainly this is a clash even the titans would sit and watch. When they last met in 2009, Manchester United wasn't a team it is now. They were too much dependent on C. Ronaldo and hence the result went out of favor.

But the present team, it has all the legends required to tackle the Spanish. The news that Bastian Schweinsteiger can be soon playing at Old Trafford, the scent of a win has become stronger.

Lets see what is in for us, our wishes always with the devils! 

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