26 January 2011

Evra: "I am the team DJ"

Old Days: Ronaldo and Evra
In a recent interview with United’s sponsor, Nike, the star full back admitted that he is the team’s DJ and that the other players would kill him if he loses his iPod.

Q. How do you spend your free time? Do you sleep, watch DVDs, go out? What’s your daily routine like?

EVRA: First of all, there’s the training, sweating at the training. I try to give my best in the training. Then, I go to the gym. Then I go home, watch a DVD. I never watch TV. My iPod is my life. If I lose it, I could play badly. 

‘Cause the guys would kill me. I am the team’s DJ. I have to find new tunes before every game. I have over 4000 tunes, so I’m OK. I want the team to be happy before the game. If another guy turns on his iPod, they shout at him. They ask me to turn mine on. It makes me happy. I generally play some rock, to give us strength to fight. No love songs, Never!

The Frenchman also shared his first experience in United shirt. “We were playing against a 3rd division club, and I asked the other players if someone would actually turn up to watch the game in the stadium? When I entered the pitch, I found myself surrounded by 75000 people and I got it. United are a special club, they’ve got a history. When I wear the club jersey, it’s like wearing the past. So you have to sacrifice yourself for the club.”

Answering to the question whether United are still as good as they were with Ronaldo and Tevez, Evra used a diplomatic approach and said, “I’ll be able to answer this at the end of the season. They are two great friends that I really miss. But United is more than just one or two players; it’s a whole team. I see Tevez very often. I often eat at his place. Even if he plays for an enemy team, he’s still my friend. I’d like Tevez to still play for Manchester United.”

Evra - Man United's finest DJ! 
Explaining his relationship with the Boss, Evra said, “He’s all about winning, about the trophies, the respect for club’s past. United is his priority. He protects his players. The way he pushes you game after game, to new limits, there is no time to rest. If you want to rest, go on the bench. 

At United if you play good, you start on the bench; if you play excellent, you start in a game. 25 years at a club, Incredible.”
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