22 January 2011

Match 22: This is why Berbatov deserves the Golden boot! (Videos)

Ryan Giggs made his presence felt with a cracking goal making it 3-0 before half-time. 

Manchester United 5-0 Birmingham City
Berbatov (2, 31, 53) Giggs (45) Nani (83)

One can safely say, Manchester United stepped on the field with just 1 task up their sleeves: To totally butcher up Birmingham City beyond recognition. And this is precisely what happened as we witnessed Dimitar Berbatov's 3rd hat-trick this season and 8th career-wise. Also some cracking performance from Wayne Rooney, Luis Nani and Giggs who was later subbed with Owen.

United lead a formidable attack and after Giggs' substitution, the Red Devils played an Ultra-offenseive formation of 4-3-3 with VDS constantly feeding the Reds with some extra-magnificent long balls.
Despite Berba's third hat-trick of the season, today was just not about Berbatov, it was also about his striking partner: Wayne Rooney who did a brilliant job with constant crosses and assists. Without him, 5 goals on board would have been incredibly tough. So big ups to big lad.

Let me talk you through the game now.

LINE UP: VDS, Evra (Rafael), Vidic, Smalling, O'Shea, Nani, Carrick (Gibson), Anderson, Giggsy (Owen), Berba, Rooney

Bad news for United: Rio Ferdinand injured his groin during training and hence could not play in the game. 
Good news: Antonio Valencia and Owen Hargreaves are making excellent progress towards full fitness. 

MATCH REVIEW: One couldn't have asked for a better start as O'Shea set Berbatov perfectly up for a stunning finish. Then came along some bad news for United as Michael Carrick was injured and had to be replaced by Long-range-shooter Darron Gibson.

Things were always looking good for United. Berbatov soon made the score 2-0 with an excellent pass from Wayne Rooney who was more of a midfielder than a striker today.
Berba's first goal against Birmingham City

Berba's second goal

Just before the half-time, Wayne Rooney un-selfishly set Ryan Giggs for another mirror cracking goal which struck the roof of the goal. It was an effortless goal from Ryan Giggs to say the least, stuff that he's been doing since his childhood days. There is no excuse he shouldn't receive a Knighthood for how well he's served Manchester United.
Giggs' 45th minute goal. 3-0 to United!

United looked more composed, goal hungry and brutally attacking from the second Mike Jones (Ref) blew the whistle at the start of the second half. The first goal in the second half came in the 53rd minute when Van Der Sar sent a long ball which was PERFECTLY received by Wayne Rooney in the last third and accurately passed to Giggs who set up Berba for his highly deserving Hat-trick..

Then came along a rather strange substitution for United as they brought on Owen for Ryan Giggs. I guess the reason could have been that United wanted Ryan Giggs for Blackpool or they wanted to give some more time to Michael Owen. Both sound like logical statements to me, it's up to you to decide.

Owen looked lively and immediately showed his presence after passing around the ball accurately. He even came close to scoring but the ball only whizzed past the side bar. Bad day for Owen I guess. Even bad for Ben Foster who proudly said that United would have to "repent" when he visits Old Trafford again but as an opponent. Quite clearly he was on the receiving end.
The Hat-trick goal!
Nani, who looked goal-hungry finally got it in the 76th minute. It was his trademark goal. Standard left-footed shoot curling in towards the far post. Typical Power Nani! 

To conclude, the game was overly pulsating with some remarkable individual performances from Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney and Anderson.

Here's hoping that Berbatov finds this awesome form every now and then and easily wins theGolden boot award. Even that will be less for this power striker's hunger. 

 Nani's 83rd minute goal!

Peace! GGMU! 
Come back at a later time to check out HD highlights. 

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