26 January 2011

ManUtd vs Blackpool (in quotes)

Before the match, Sir Alex predicted that the visit to Bloomfield Road is going to be a tricky fixture and that his side would need to work extra hard to continue their unbeaten run. His prediction, like most of them, came true and United had to come back from 2 goals down and a magical performance from the team in last 20 minutes or so saved them from an embarrassing defeat.


Sir Alex (on Blackpool in a pre-match conference)
"They've been a breath of fresh air. They've been positive and they've scored against every team at home. It's going to be quite a game for us. They play positive football in the sense that they put four or five players forward everytime. Their philosophy seems to be if we're going to fail, let's fail gloriously."

Sir Alex (on Ian Holloway)
"At this present moment in time, Ian Holloway would be my manager of the year. The manner in which Ian Holloway behaves transcends to the players, you can see that they are playing with freedom. They respect the teams they are playing against but they think they can beat them."

Jason Euell (Blackpool veteran)
"He [Ian Holloway] is definitely brought that (Crazy Gang spirit). On the management side of things, he is definitely top of the tree. He gives you so much positivity about what you can do, what you can achieve."

Craig Cathcart (ex-United and now Blackpool defender)
"Even though United had Vidic, Ferdinand, O'Shea and my old Northern Ireland mate Jonny Evans, I still thought there might be a chance. But when they signed Chris Smalling from Fulham, I realised the writing was on the wall. So when Ian Holloway said he was giving me the opportunity to play first-team football in the Premier League, I didn't think twice."
"Yes, there will be a few nerves for me when I see Rooney, Berbatov and the rest of the lads run out. But, as I said, not too much emotion. Well, apart from trying to prove they should never have let me go."


Sir Alex Ferguson:
"I have to say, it’s down to the history of the club, we just never give in. I don’t know the reasons for the first-half performance but we just seemed to be all over the place at times. We were maybe a little bit too confident. The work-rate wasn’t there that was in the second half. We had to get our finger out in the second half, and when we did we were a good team."
(on Chicarito) "Chicharito’s pace and timing of his runs is fantastic. He’s got that wonderful instinct about space. He was another great addition to us."
(on Berbatov) "He’s having a great season, he has got such great talent. It was great composure for the third goal. I was screaming at him to square it to Chicharito. But, no, he’s got the confidence and ability to do what he did."
(on scouse-target Charlie Adam) "His corner kicks are worth £10m in themselves"

Ian Holloway:
"We are absolutely gutted, we are devastated to lose. I will wake up on Wednesday and feel like I have been kicked in a very delicate place. I will have a horrible ache for a while and then it will be gone. We needed the penalty. That would have really thrown a grenade into it."

Dimitar Berbatov: 
"We are a team that believes that no matter how bad the game might be for us – whether it’s 1-0 or 2-0 we are always – we are always confident that if we can score one then we can score more. Giggs’s experience, his crossing of the ball and his intelligence made a difference in the II half. Chicharito is always going for goal; the only thing in his mind is to score. He proved that today. I scored a good goal as well, two actually, but it was the team spirit that won the game."

Javier Chicarito Hernandez:
"We were confident we could get back into the game, we always are. It was great to celebrate with the fans when we got the winner. To come from 2-0 down and win was a great feeling and everyone is very happy."

Darren Fletcher:
"He [BOSS] really inspires us and gets us going and he made us believe that we could still do it. We knew if we could win this game, it would send out a massive statement and keep us kicking on in our challenge to win the league.”

After yesterday's performance, we can easily say that "Riding high on No.9's performance, Number 19 is on its way."


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