27 January 2011

Hope we don't miss our "VILLA HUNTER"

Federico Macheda was loaned out to Sampdoria to gain experience as you can see above
Manchester United are set to face Aston Villa this Tuesday, after the weekend FA Cup tie against the Saints, and with no Federico Macheda on the team sheet, Houllier’s men will breathe a sigh of relief. Kiko Macheda, who was bought by United from Lazio as a 16 year old has made 16 appearances for United from 2008-11; before returning back to his homeland Italy with the Serie A club Sampdoria on loan. In the 16 games he played, Macheda managed to score 4 times. Let’s rewind a bit and look at why Villa players are afraid of Macheda:

5 April 2009: United vs. Aston Villa

United had to suffer in defense with Rio injured and Vidic suspended. Gary Neville started with O’Shea in the heart of defense. The Villa players made full use of this mismatch and scored twice to take the lead by 58th minute. United were in all sorts of trouble and ON came Macheda for Nani in the 61st minute. United leveled the score, courtesy Ronaldo’s goal in the 80th minute. In the 90th minute, Macheda got a pass from the Giggs inside the penalty box and beating the defender, he turned a complete 180 degrees before curling the ball past a helpless Friedel. It was a happy moment for the Italian who had scored a hat-trick earlier against Newcastle in a reserve match just last week.

13 November 2010: Aston Villa vs. United

Aston Villa had won just 1 out of last 29 games against United. And this time, it was almost an Aston Villa youth team playing against United, with the likes of Albrighton, Bannan, Warnock etc. An exciting addition was Jonathan Hogg, for whom this was a debut match. After an entertaining first half, where Villa had the upper hand, United showed some signs of a comeback, only to see themselves going 2 goals down by the 75th minute. ON came Macheda. The Italian took just 6 minutes to hammer a ball past Friedel to score the first goal for United. The rejuvenated team went all attack against Villa for the next few minutes and the result was a goal from Super-Vidic from a header.
Thus, this time around, Villa will be a bit more relaxed though I see Rooney giving them a hard time!!

I go for Rooney to score in this match and an easy United victory..!! 3-1 I'm guessing, c'mon! it's at home!!!

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