19 January 2011

Ronaldo to Balotelli "Play more and Speak Less"

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Former Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo  has recently spoken in defence of his ex- team mate Wayne Rooney. The now Real Madrid CR7 has warned Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli he should "speak less and play more".

Balotelli who joined Man City from Inter Milan last summer and recently made headlines in the press by declaring Manchester United's Wayne Rooney was not the best striker in the country let alone in Manchester, needs to keep his mouth shut!

When asked about the 20-year-old Italy international, Ronaldo said to Gazzetta dello Sport: "He is a good player but he has to speak less and play more.
"In the Premier League, if he knows how to listen and wants to learn, he could become a great player. I hope he achieves that. 
"However, today he puts many other things ahead of his career and this is not good."
It feels proud to hear an ex-United star speak up in defence of his ex- team mates. And when it comes to Manchester City, I think the opportunity should not be missed!

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