12 January 2011

FA Cup HD Highlights: Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool

United couldn't possibly have asked for a better start to the game after Agger's 29th second challenge on Berbatov resulted in a penalty which Giggs took comfortably to give United a lead in the first minute! In my opinion, it was a definite penalty as Berbatov was clearly fouled. Although Dimitar did fall a bit easily, the foul cannot be neglected.

33rd minute saw a horrible Gerrard tackle on Michael Carrick and Referee Howard Webb unleashed the Red card after taking his time. Perhaps the RED card decision showed Webb's affection for the Red Devils. Again, I think it was a straightforward red decision.

However, Liverpool striker Ryan Babel thought differently and proudly tweeted Howard Webb's picture in a United t-shirt to his followers along with this message "And they call him one of the best referees? That's a joke." Today we learn that Babel has been charged by the FA for his inappropriate code of conduct.

Let's just laugh at Kenny Dalglish! The new man in charge of Liverpool after Roy Hodgson's expected sacking..

Glory Glory Man United!

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