25 January 2011

Match 23: United still unbeaten, thanks to Berbatov and Chicharito! (VIDEOS)

Super Sub goal: Chicharito scored United's 2nd!

This was undoubtedly, one of the best games of the Barclays Premier League.
Unbeaten United put on a glorious fight in the second half after having a SHAMEFUL 1st half performance.

Manchester United are now 5 points clear and sitting comfortably at the top summit of League Table. 19th Premier League title is now only 15 games away. Also, with this victory United registered 50+ points in 23 they've played so far! This is definitely an unbelievable feat!

United's first shot on goal only came after 35th minute and things took a further step down after they conceded their second goal in the 43rd minute after suffering a horror goal in the 15th minute.

Second half was much more relaxed and composed for United. Giggsy came on for an in-affective and yellow carded Darron Gibson. Chicharito was soon substituted for Wayne Rooney who had an unimaginably stormy game. Surely he'll like to get put this memory down the drain and focus on upcoming fixtures (and probably score a goal or two?)

Berba's first goal video United 1-2 Blackpool

Berbatov scored the first of United's goal in the 74th minute from a lovely clip by Fletcher! Giggs found Hernandez on the offside edge and from then on it was just Chicharito and his 9th goal! making it United 2-2 Blackpool two minutes later.

Chicharito's lovely goal video: United 2-2 Blackpool:

Game paused a little bit as Rafael got injured during a head on collision. He was later taken to the local Blackpool hospital and Fabio da Silva (his twin brother) went along with him. Due to the injury, there were an additional 10 extra minutes to compensate for injury stoppage.

United, however, could have done it without the 10 minutes of extra time as Berbatov scored his 20th goal of the season with a lovely left-footed shot which was bound to find the net. An excellent achievement for the Bulgarian - this surely is his season as he scored a hat-trick of away goals with this brace making it 4 out of the 20 goals he has scored so far!

Dimitar Berbatov's 2nd goal, 20th of the season, most crucial goal of this season, if not his career! United 3-2 Blackpool goal video:

As the clock struck 100 minuted, Sir Alex Ferguson was jumping and shouting at the referee. It wasn't long before the whistle was blown and the most awesome premier league game had to be ended there! United, as always, the victors!

! This was on of the most epic Premier League games ever. No one would have thought of 3 goals coming from an inspired United in the last 15 minutes of the game. Special thanks to Javier Hernandez "Chicharito" and brace star Dimitar BERBAtov!

Dimitar Berbatov, who is a serious contender to the Golden boot now wit his 20th goal definitely has been the star man of this season so far, I mean, like who scores 5 goals in 4 days? No other than Dimitar Berbatov, the magician footballer from Bulgaria!

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Surely these two are epic fans and friends of each others!

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