10 February 2011

Rio: "I will become a manager and have Gary as my assistant"

Speaking to sabotagetimes.com, Rio Ferdinand has admitted that he won't play abroad like his international team mate David Beckham before retiring, rather he would love to end his career at Old Trafford only. "I won't be playing abroad, this is me. I am at ManUnited and I love it here. Why take a step backwards?"

Rio also said that he would love to become a manager after he retires from professional football and have Gary Neville as his No.2. ""Gary Neville would be perfect for my assistant's post. He'd cross the T's and dot the I's."

Ferdinand added that former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler is the best finisher he has ever seen in his lifetime. "Robbie Fowler, Solskjaer, Ruud and Ian Wright are the best. I'd say Robbie was definitely the most natural, he could do it from anywhere, inside the box, long range, headers. It's a huge shame that he had so many injuries because he was a great striker and a great lad. He came to Leeds and settled straight away, and was good fun to be around when we went away with England. He's not known as God for nothing."

As for his hardest opponent, Ferdinand said, "Raul and Zidane were difficult because of the positions they took up, it was hard to know whether to track them or wait for them to come on. Physically, I'd say Mark Hughes and Kevin Davies. With Hughes the ball would be running towards the touchline, I'd be looking to clear down the line and if he was steaming over, I knew I'd be heading into the crowd with a few stud marks for good measure."

And he believes Cristiano Ronaldo is the best played alongside, adding: "Ronaldo is my favourite player of the current era by a mile. If he stays clear of injury I think he'll be up there as one of the best of all time."

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