02 February 2011

Fare thee Well Gary Neville

A leader, an obnoxious opponent, a True Red Devil, a Scouser hater, a BULLY, a-never-fear-anyone kinda guy, oh dear this can go forever. Gary Neville has served Manchester United for a good 20 years and just like Ryan Giggs has been a one-club-man.

Neville has played around 400 league games for Manchester United and scored 5 goals. The Bury born right-back is nothing less than a legend.

Now if you think about what he's won in his career, you'll be here on this page all day. To summarise, he's won 8 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups, 2 Carling Cups (the then Football league cups) 1 UEFA, Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup. Personally speaking the following has been his moments with the club where he very lividly expresses his feelings about Liverpool FC:

Gary Neville's career has been ravaged by long-time injuries since 2006-07 season as he only played a single game next year and lesser and lesser games the following years until this season where he only started once. His match fitness has always been a concern and he expected to stay with the club no longer than June, 2010. That period however surpassed and it was a matter of days that Neville had retired. So it's not much of a surprise that Neville has retired from Club football after quitting International football 4 years ago in 2007. But what surprises me is he's retired with "immediate effect" which means from now on he will only be in Old Trafford as a mere spectator probably in one of those posche seats around Sir Alex. But he would certainly be missed in the dressing room where the boys had a good banter as Rio Ferdinand mentioned in his tribute tribute after the "finest" right-back in the premier league.

Let's remember Gary's rampant year of 1998-99, in which he won the UEFA Champions League and had the maximum amount of caps (54). He even scored one of his 5 goals in his United career in that year.

Let's also hope that Gary Neville takes up the role of Andy Gray and hopefully doesn't get sacked for talking too much banter about Liverpool in general; I'm sure he'd be tempted to! JOKES!

In an exclusive interview with MUTV, Nevile was asked "You could have played until the end of the season. Why stop mid-season?" 

Neville's answer: Sometimes you just go off gut instinct, it’s the type of person I am. I felt it was right. Having spoken with the manager, I’ll continue to go in until the end of the season but not in the capacity that I have been doing in the last 19 or 20 years. I’ll maybe work with some of the young players, but that will be until the end of the season. I played my last game against West Brom and came to the conclusion pretty quickly after that that I didn’t feel right and my time was up. I didn’t want to delay it for four months. In my mind, it just wouldn’t have felt right for me. I felt that, for the manager and the club and everything they have done for me, they should know that as well. They accepted it and supported me in my decision.

TheReDevilSpot team thanks Gary Neville for being a part of Manchester United and utterly respects you for hating Liverpool. Hope this remains.

Peace out.

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