10 February 2011

Kiko wants to RETURN...!

Kiko: "I'll be back at United!"
 Kiko Macheda is already counting dates on the calendar left for his return to Manchester. The Italian, on-loan to Serie A club Sampdoria admitted that he is missing English fish and chips.
Macheda, who scored the only goal in the friendly win over England poured his heart out in the interview.
Macheda said: “I’m looking forward very much to getting back to Manchester United but not the English weather. You can get fish and chips there though and I like them. You can’t get them here.”
“I was nearly 16 when I went to Manchester United (from Lazio) and I do love it there. I’m almost English. My friends now say I speak better English than Italian.
“Of course I’m looking forward to going back. I’ve had a few injuries but I think things are getting better now.”
The 19-year-old striker is on loan at Sampdoria until the end of the season, but is confident he can return to United stronger and hungrier than before. The striker has not spoken to United boss Sir Alex Ferguson for three weeks, but believes he still has a future at the club.
Macheda said: “I think Sir Alex is looking out for me. I spoke to him three weeks ago on the phone and I spoke to him before I came here. He said to me ‘If there’s anything you need, just call Me.’ because he’s still my coach. I still feel like I’m in his long-term plans, of course. My ambition is to be part of Manchester United because that’s where I want to go.”
“I’ve been at Sampdoria for a month now and I’m really happy. Obviously it’s not like Manchester United - because Manchester United is a proper club - but I’m happy to be here and I want to do well, for myself and the team.”
“I’ve got six months on loan and I hope to do well to get back there even stronger to show what I can do.”
Let’s hope for the best for Kiko, who along with Anderson is amongst my favorites at United.

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