18 February 2011

BOOM BOOM Bebe...!

The Outhere Brother's "Boom Boom Boom" is regularly heard at Manchester United's Carrington training ground. The players have been singing the 90's classic in tribute to Portuguese striker BEBE, who they've nicknamed Boom Boom because of his powerful shots. His cannonball strikes are so fierce, team-mates Nemanja Vidic and VDS have been left in agony after getting in the way of a couple of rockets.

A source said: "The lads sing Boom Boom when he steps up for shooting practice. Sir Alex sees the funny side but Bebe could put someone in hospital if he catches the ball just right."
Bebe, an unknown player before Sir Alex made a 7m bid has enjoyed a good first season with the reserves so far and already has a UEFA Champions League goal to his name.

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